In-company communication & change management

Make use of continuous feedback to raise the job satisfaction and loyalty of your staff.



Observe current feelings

Get the measure of how your staff members are feeling – in real time.

Track the mood

Make use of trend recognition and analysis as you manage change.

Make use of the mood

Improve your company communications and your change management.

The SUMAK KAWSAY app gives your staff a chance to share their current feelings, generating a picture of the overall mood which they can then track. From the feelings communicated, the app forms a picture of the mood around a place and/or an issue, in real time. This gives you, as the person in charge, the chance to get the measure of the mood data and analyse it so that you can react appropriately. Make use of the mood check and optimise your business communications.

“The atmosphere in a business is more important than the capital or the knowledge.”

Helmut Weyh

In your business, we can make a link between atmosphere and knowledge.

Improve your company communications

Simple introduction, instant ROI

Find the app in Google Play or in the App Store for instant download. Simply broadcast the link to your staff using the QR code – using email, the Internet or any of your other preferred means of distribution.

Anonymity in use

When people log their current feelings they do so absolutely anonymously and at any time. Genuine reporting of feelings very much depends on strict anonymity. This is the only way you can really touch base with your staff and get a genuine picture.

A tool to raise staff satisfaction

SUMAK KAWSAY helps you increase the flow of information in your company and avoid giving the impression of being cagey with communications.

Taking account of workers’ job satisfaction brings enduring improvement to their performance. You get the benefit of productivity that rises by 25 %, turnover that goes up by 35 % and creativity that triples. Not bad as a start to introducing changes. In change management, the best way to make changes stick is to recognise when changes have happened. SUMAK KAWSAY helps you improve the flow of information in your company and avoid giving the impression of being cagey with communications. This is crucial in change management.

Rich in detail

Informative graphs – reflecting place, time and issue – provide you with reliable figures and the chance to compare different company locations. The graphs demonstrate trends and will support you in making well-founded decisions as you manage your changes.

Simple to integrate

You can easily integrate the various outputs into your company website, giving your staff the chance to see the information and participate in the decision processes. If you do this, you will demonstrate transparent management and open communication, again raising staff satisfaction and loyalty.

Set up for sharing

Using Twitter, staff can share their feelings instantly. The issues and other matters of importance to you will thus get yet more attention via the social media channels you use.

Functions in the app

The any time mood barometer

Your staff can analyse their current feelings on a variety of subjects at any time. They send the data using the app or perhaps their browser or terminal. This is the best possible barometer for very many branches of industry – insurance, media, retail, manufacturers, catering, transport, IT, health services, local authorities or care homes.

Event pins

Highlight company milestones, staff changes or team events and see their effect on staff satisfaction.

Free choice of issues

SUMAK KAWSAY’s picture of mood in relation to issue gives leaders and human resources managers vital information that will underpin good decisions. All staff members are free to adopt other general issues from the widest of fields.

Background information

Informative content is available on all issues. You can do the same for your issues, either by individual upload or by automatic link on your Intranet.

Automatic reporting

The system will give you a signal if pre-set thresholds in the mood index are tripped. The options are push notification, SMS or email. The threshold value can be set for more than one issue at once or just one specific issue and can be for a defined time or location, enabling separate branches or sites to be viewed individually. Remember the important thing: it’s 100 % anonymous for your staff.

Strict anonymity, total cyber-security

No need to register

State-of-the-art encryption

We meet the most stringent data protection requirements

The advantages for you

You can improve

  • the quality of your workplace
  • the distribution of your information
  • the processes of your decision-making
  • the productivity and creativity of your team
  • the processes of your manufacture

You can raise

  • staff potential for change
  • staff job satisfaction
  • the loyalty of your staff
  • workers’ motivation

You need never again miss out on

  • changes in the company atmosphere
  • issues and trends of importance
  • strengths and weaknesses

Last but not least

SUMAK KAWSAY reduces your costs: it brings down job fluctuation by 20 %. The savings have been calculated on the basis of scientific research reviews and are achieved in situations of

  • average job turnover 5 %
  • average yearly income € 30,000
  • each job turnover costing as much as an average yearly income.


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