Measure the mood,make the mood.

Check on the mood and fine-tune your event!



Check the current mood

Get the measure of how happy your visitors are.

Track mood changes

Run an analysis, see the trends.

Make use of the mood

Improve your events.

With the SUMAK KAWSAY app, event visitors can take the opportunity to communicate their current mood, contributing to the general mood picture and tracking it. The app evaluates the moods signalled in real time. For the visualisation, it collates the data in terms of location, time and topic. As organiser, you can measure and analyse moods and react to the current mood. Respond to the mood of your visitors and optimise your event!

The app will send push notifications automatically when freely definable limits are exceeded or fail to be reached.

Functions in the app

Share & see

People at your event share their current level of contentment and can see that of the other participants in anonymised form – before, during and after the event.

For you this is valuable customer feedback which helps you understand and relate better to your guests. Satisfied customers mean success.

Track & view

Your guests can see the responses and follow up whether people are happy at the moment and where the atmosphere is happiest.

If yours is a major event with various stages or points of interest, you can watch over it all at once. The app’s data processing shows you in real time where enjoyment is hugh and where there might be problems arising.

Miss nothing & get all the gen

A push notifications on their smart phone lets guests know of peaks in the happiness graph – never again need they miss a highlight!

And the system will let you know – by push notifications, SMS or email – when the mood is good or when it changes significantly. For this you pre-program the limits that you don’t want exceeded. The alert gives you the time you need to respond.

Inform & know

With the app, your guests are kept up to date on the event. They are in touch with all the latest news, video or audio media.

You are giving your visitors an attractive additional service which increases their satisfaction and loyalty as customers.

Classify & analyse

People at your events can see the statistics of how the other people there are feeling – all sorted for the time, the location and the particular subject.

From the aggregated data you acquire valuable knowledge of your guests’ or customers’ likes and dislikes to guide your strategic and operational decisions.

Inspire & enthuse

The app is a novel, informative piece of simple technology that equips people to enjoy your event. You can use the app to organise additional attractions like prize draws or freebies.

With it, you demonstrate transparency and come across as an up-to-date, likeable, efficient organiser.

Absolutely anonymous, 100% cyber-secure

No need to register

Use of the most up-to-date encryption technology

An app that meets stringent data protection requirements

Improve your event management

Ready in a flash

The app is all ready for download from Google Play or the App Store. All you do is circulate the QR-Code – on tickets, posters, online sites or any of your preferred channels of communication.

Rich in detail

Graphics that inform – weighted for the spot, the moment and the subject matter – are your means of comparing how different event areas are rated, seeing the trends and making well-founded decisions while managing your event.

Prepared for anything

Keep in control throughout the event – car park, gate, catering, stage acts. The app gives early warning of any problems by push notifications, SMS oder email so that you can provide prompt solutions.

Set up for sharing

The app lets guests share their mood on Twitter before or during the concert (or whatever), inspiring curiosity about this and future events.

Simple to integrate

As organiser, as soon as there are trends to be seen, you can simply link to them from your website. By doing so, you get further options for a range of social media activity and you raise the guests’ anticipation of the forthcoming event.

Great at post-processing

And after the event? Basing your decisions on the comprehensive analyses, pick the points you want to optimise. Your guests will show their appreciation.

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