With the app Sumak Kawsay, feelings and moods can be captured in their context – in their place and time. In other words, each individual can use the app to communicate how he or she is doing. Overall, the anonymous data generated gives a picture of the mood in the place at the time, allowing conclusions to be drawn about the current well-being of the people present or the society as a whole, with variations at different locations and changes over time.

The name of the app, SUMAK KAWSAY, means “good life” in Latin-American indigenous languages. It has been chosen to reflect the idea that in the digital age a vast amount of data is collected – but no account has so far been taken of the most elementary thing:  How happy people are.


For example: political mood


The “Sumak-Kawsay” app gives people the chance to communicate their feelings as citizens about various issues related to the 2017 federal election in Germany. The communication is public, but anonymous and cyber-secure. The app uses the data to evaluate the overall mood in real time and produces a visualisation for the location, the time and the issue.

The latest press information on the particular issue appears automatically. All free of charge and without advertising.

Here, the app’s purpose is to support local politics and make it possible for every citizen quickly to get the background on currently relevant matters.

We invite you to support the project – download  the app and integrate all this data into your website. NO NEED to register or log in!


How does SUMAK KAWSAY work?

Using the SUMAK KAWSAY app, everyone can share his or her current mood – whenever and however often he or she wants: anonymously and free of charge. The app turns the mood report, the time and the location into anonymous data.

The data might be the general mood, or it is also possible to record moods on specific matters, for instance people’s feelings on particular political issues, major events or beloved football clubs.

The app evaluates the mood related to the subject matter and records a localized, real-time visualisation. Images emerge that show regional mood as it changes over time.

It is no accident that SUMAK KAWSAY is constantly connected to the mass media. There is no limit to the websites into which SUMAK KAWSAY’s evaluations and functionality can be integrated so as to reach a broad public. And SUMAK KAWSAY publishes background content from online media in respect of current opinion polls.



Who is SUMAK KAWSAY aimed at?

The intended end-user of SUMAK KAWSAY is the general public. The app is meant to capture the mood of as many different people as possible to produce as comprehensive a picture of the overall mood as possible. It consciously addresses not only people who are at home in the digital world but also those who are fearful of digitization. For example, in contrast to social networks, no one need worry that their data could be misused, as the mood is captured with complete anonymity.

Why was SUMAK KAWSAY developed?

The concept behind SUMAK KAWSAY is that the human factor is crucial in the digitised world and that in the future it will not solely be algorithms or computer bots that affect the relevance people accord to an issue or the opinion they have about it. SUMAK KAWSAY seeks to stimulate citizens’ active participation in society. This it will do by systematically reflecting their mood and their attitudes in general or on specific issues. We want SUMAK KAWSAY to stimulate discussion, awaken people’s desire to share in decision-making and empower each individual to make the world a better place. This app will help people to understand each other better. To quote the designers of SUMAK KAWSAY: “We can only live well together if we know each other well”.

What this app shows is that there are more uses for data than, for example, the optimisation of advertising,. Data can improve the lives of individuals and society. The ultimate goal of SUMAK KAWSAY is a community that is willing to make positive use of the technology that we can no longer escape.


Who is behind SUMAK KAWSAY?

We, Markus Schulte-Huermann and Markus Duelli, have designed the app which we have named SUMAK KAWSAY. Over many years of experience as developers of web solutions and heads of Internet projects in large companies, we became aware that digitisation is only just beginning. We want to help shape what the digital world will look like in the future, We want to help determine the role that technology and people will play. Convinced that new approaches are needed and that we must try them out, we have developed the SUMAK KAWSAY app.

How long has SUMAK KAWSAY existed?

After a six-month test phase, the SUMAK KAWSAY app has been available to the general public since May 2017. Further functions, issues, features are being constantly added.


Share your current mood – anonymously!

Share your feelings about specific issues.

Look up developments over time.

Integrate SUMAK KAWSAY into a website of your choice.