An invitation to invest in the future of society!

Meet us on Thursday, 09th Nov. at booth A-106

Investing in two things at once – innovative technology and our shared future.



Forward together!

It is our conviction that to bring real profit on all sides an investment should be of the enduring kind. Is there a way that you can invest in the idea we are investing in? We should be glad to talk through with you the various partnership options we have in mind. From financial support to active collaboration – many ways are imaginable. Please talk to us.


There are uses for our app in both social and commercial fields. Here are examples of each:

Measure the mood,make the mood.

Check on the mood and fine-tune your event!

Community living, community-building.

SUMAK KAWSAY is the app that helps you contribute to society. Play a part in your local and wider community.

In-company communication & change management

Make use of continuous feedback to raise the job satisfaction and loyalty of your staff.

How are we?

Use SUMAK KAWSAY to understand better why you are feeling how you feel.

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