Either innovative technology or social responsibility? No! BOTH!

Either innovative technology or social responsibility? No! BOTH!

At wisit, our inspiration is the use of new developments in technology to provide rock-solid support for the development of society. We think technology is there to solve problems, not to add to them. We want to get the individual person back into focus, and the happiness of that person. Our motto is not to do what’s possible, but to do what’s needed. It is our belief that we can build a future that people need not fear, a future that they themselves will again start to share in building.

Inspired thus, to support our team we have found companies with experience and a sense of commitment to a shared future: to the concept that innovative technologies and social responsibility are not mutually exclusive.

Our business associates are themselves evidence of our sense of responsibility

Our bank is the EthikBank, a bank that works to ethical principles

Our electricity is supplied by LichtBlick (the name plays on the “light” in “enlightenment”) – people who, like us, are intent on combining the values of ecology with those of new technology.

Our offices are situated by deliberate choice in a technological start-up center that gives us chance to interact with other ground-breakers and stay in close contact with Ilmenau’s university.

Are you, too, motivated by concern for the environment and for humanity? Wondering whether you might join our team or seal a partnership with us? Don’t just wonder, get in touch with us – it will be a pleasure to hear from you!