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SUMAK KAWSAY is the app that helps you contribute to society. Play a part in your local and wider community.



Findthe issues

… and find how you feel about them.

Followthe issues

… and track what everybody feels.

Make useof the issues

… and get up to speed.

Share what you feel!

SUMAK KAWSAY (“good life”) with its mood check is the app that gives members of society a chance to state how they feel on a question, with strict anonymity and total cyber-security. From all the statements, the app forms a picture of the mood around a place and/or an issue, in real time.

No loss of anonymity, no need to register

State-of-the-art encryption

Maximum data protection

Implementation in a flash

Functions in the app

See & understand

What local issues are important to you?

Through constantly being able to tap into the local feeling, local authorities find out what matters to their citizens.

Evaluate & track

See how your own feelings have developed over time and appreciate how the issues affect our sense of wellbeing.

Receive a signal when there is a major change in the general sense of wellbeing.

Seek & find

Find various issues in the search function or under “Nearby” in the menu. Or adopt an issue by scanning its QR code.

Local communities can upload local issues.

Learn & know

Get up to speed on your chosen issues easily. Keep in touch with all the latest news, video or audio media.

Public service media content for local or community issues is made available on a daily basis. It goes without saying that a range of source systems, choice of language and an automatic translation facility can be rapidly integrated.

Classify & analyse

Use GPS coordinates or other statistical data related to the time and the issue to get an overview.

Local and regional communities can figure out the variations and common features, learning from each other.

Inspire & enthuse

Issues are easy to share and exchange. The technology works anytime and everywhere.

Demonstrate your transparency and get greater acceptance for being a town or village that is on the ball and likeable.


For local citizens

The mood check in SUMAK KAWSAY gives people in your locality rapid access to important issues. From wherever they are – in next to no time.

Using SUMAK KAWSAY shows appreciation of your local citizens. Their feelings are noted and the comparison function creates an understanding of regional variations.

SUMAK KAWSAY serves to apprise people of issues they would never otherwise have known about. The simplicity means that new issues can be found rapidly at any time, wherever they are.

SUMAK KAWSAY is a completely free facility with no advertising. There is no need to register.

Strict anonymity, total cyber-security 

No need to register 

State-of-the-art encryption 

We meet the most stringent data protection requirements

For your town or community 

SUMAK KAWSAY can be rapidly implemented, installed and used at low cost. Issues and content can be added either manually or automatically. Social media channels can also be integrated.

SUMAK KAWSAY gives you the chance to demonstrate to people that each individual is needed. Local citizens get to see the issues in their vicinity and realise that they are not alone in seeing them.

SUMAK KAWSAY reflects in real time the overall mood of a social setting. Alterations in the mood are instantly visible, and new issues are easy to find.

SUMAK KAWSAY gives you the option of integrating the evaluation graph into any particular website, for instance to reach a wider public. Using QR codes, issues can be  rapidly broadcast and adopted. All publicity channels can be used for the purpose.

What now?

In local communities of whatever size there are always issues that need bringing to people’s attention. The data on these issues should be free and easily accessible. Often, it is difficult to find up-to-date information on local issues – the facts are rarely collected together and presented for examination. Making an issue visible can stimulate both interest and understanding. If people address an issue from the feeling level, a good start has been made. In whatever time or place – the current mood on the issue may well change at any time.


When the issues are analysed, particular questions can be extracted and problems can be recognized early. The SUMAK KAWSAY app is a superb means of broadcasting the issues that need to be addressed in local or regional associations and the local budget. The local citizens can see the issues relevant to their local area. They receive the data through the app and it takes them no trouble to register their current feelings on the particular question.


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