How are we?

Use  SUMAK KAWSAY to understand better why you are feeling how you feel.



SUMAK what?

SUMAK KAWSAY means „buen vivir“ in the indigenous languages of Latin America – “good life”. The expression is in the spotlight in Ecuador and Bolivia, where it has been a constitutional state policy since 2008 and 2009. In this way, the two countries are following the example of Bhutan, where “gross domestic happiness” has taken on ever more importance since 1979.

Your piece of the happiness pie

In the West today, we know a lot about our society: about health in different age groups and degrees of obesity compared to other nations, etc. But we have hardly addressed the most important question: how contented are we?

The whole picture

In Gemany, the Post Office produces an annual snapshot of happiness – interestingly, this revealed a relationship in 2016 between contentment and tolerance. However, this is just a single yearly snapshot. We want to extend the principle, not simply by adding to the data collected concerning individuals, as is sadly the custom in our information society, but by gathering together the data for the whole social context. All data is thus treated anonymously by the app.

Join us! Be a part

Get the app and help us follow this vision so that we step closer to each other and begin to care about our shared happiness.


See & understand

Get a picture of how you are yourself and how your fellow-humans are feeling – in your town or in your country.

Evaluate & track

Track your own developments and get a grasp on how events in society affect personal happiness.

Seek & find

Whether it’s a favourite football team, a political party or simply the weather – choose an issue that is of interest to you.

Get information & knowledge

Find out fast about your issues or the content you seek. Stay up to date on video, audio and news media.

Sort & analyse

Use your or other communities‘ GPS co-ordinates to get an impression of various time- and issue-related statistics.

Absolutely anonymous, 100% cyber-secure

No need to register

Use of the most up-to-date encryption technology

An app that meets stringent data protection requirements

Wait no longer, install the app and pursue the things you feel strongly about.

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